Island RLS33 – 1701 – D

This project was in response to a worldbuilding brief commissioned by production deisgner Alex Mcdowell. Asked to imagine the creation of a fictional island state from the cities of LA and Rio, I responded by looking at the political implications of uniting two of the most polluted cities in the world. A critique of both our attitude towards technological progress and the global political stance on climate change.

“In the 21st century Rilao resembles many other democratic countries across the globe. The free market is king. Following the financial crisis Rilao’s economy was thrown into turmoil. Using the air pollution problems of both Rio and LA as a starting point this project presents a proposal by the Rilaon tourist board to build an offshore island intended to act as global waste disposal. The burning of rubbish on this island would dramatically increase Rilao’s air pollution but this would be offset by the construction of a machine which turns air pollution into “The Rilaon Lights,” atmospheric optics which resemble the aurora borealis. The country could then capitalise on the increased tourist numbers. But at what cost?”

Plans from the initial proposal

Artist’s rendering

Rilao’s most popular postcard

Artist’s rendering of the heating bouys